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WSAPI, nginx, and FastCGI

I must confess that I am not a big user of WSAPI’s FastCGI connector. I do not maintain any high-volume websites, and for testing and development it is so much quicker and hassle-free to just start a Xavante instance; no need to mess with complex configuration files, or log files. Even the LuaRocks wiki is running on a Xavante instance with an Apache in front, using mod_proxy in front. The only time Xavante needs to be restarted is when the slice needs to go down for maintenance.

A recent discussion on the Lua mailing list prompted me to revisit the FastCGI launcher, to see if I could get it running under nginx and OS X without much hassle, and to get acquainted with nginx, a web server I only know by reputation. Bertrand Mansion had already pointed the way in a message on the Kepler mailing list, so it was a simple matter of finding my way around the nginx configuration, and fixing a small bug in the snippet that Bertrand provided. This is what I ended up adding to my nginx.conf file:

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