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Kepler Refresh

As some of you have already noticed, LuaRocks 2 broke the current Kepler installer. AndrĂ© and I decided that instead of making a new Kepler installer it would be a better idea to make an installer for WSAPI itself, to bury the idea of “Kepler” as a web framework and leave it as just the name for the project that built WSAPI and other modules. LuaRocks 2.0.1 has just been released, so I took the lid off the new versions of the modules that I released last week and released a new version of WSAPI itself, version 1.2. This is the changelog:

  • Adds time-based collection of Lua states to FCGI and Xavante launchers
  • Adds wsapi launcher script, to start a Xavante WSAPI server
  • Fixed undefined media type error
  • Added is_empty utility function to check if a string is nil or ''
  • Fixed bug with empty bodies in wsapi.xavante, and added full http status codes to responses
  • Changing order of evaluating PATH_TRANSLATED and SCRIPT_FILENAME, to make non-wrapped launchers work in Apache OSX
  • Reload support for load_isolated_launcher

I have also created a new rock for WSAPI, wsapi-xavante. The wsapi.xavante connector now belongs to this rock, and, most importantly, it has a new wsapi script that runs a Xavante instance configured for WSAPI applications and static files. For example, the following line starts a Xavante instance on port 80 and using /var/www as document root:

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