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Stealth Updates

LuaRocks 2.0 is still using LuaForge as its default repository for rocks, and LuaForge’s FTP access is offline for the time being, which means that no rocks can be updated or added. Version 2.0.1 will have a new default repository that should be much more stable and also easier to update using the new luarocks-admin add command.

What does this have to do with the title of this post? This week I have made new releases of three Kepler libraries that had unreleased commits: Xavante 2.1.0, LuaFileSystem 1.5.0, and Rings 1.2.3. Rockspecs for these new releases are at the new repository only, so I am waiting until LuaRocks 2.0.1 before announcing them on the mail channels. The updated documentation pages have also been moved to Github, as the links above show.

The updates are pretty minor, so even those who have proactively updated their LuaRocks’ config files to use the new repository and are already getting the new packages shouldn’t be worried. Rings 1.2.3 is a strictly bugfix release, correcting a minor bug. Xavante 2.1.0 is also mostly a fix to a security bug in xavante.filehandler that let you request files outside of the document root, but also adds a new parameter to xavante.cgiluahandler that restores the old CGILua behavior of using a new Lua state for each request, as there are old CGILua scripts that depend on this “feature”.

LuaFileSystem 1.5.0 is the one with the most changes, but it is backward compatible with 1.4.2. The first new feature is more control over the lfs.dir iterator, adding next and close methods to control the iteration explicitly (instead of only through a for loop). A simple example that lists all files in the current directory up to a file named foo:

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