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LuaRocks 2.0 has just been released, and I decided this is a great time to do a major refactoring of the Kepler project. I have been updating some of the infrastrucuture modules this week, and now have turned my attention to WSAPI, where I created a new launcher that launches a Xavante instance to run WSAPI applications without having to mess around with kepler_init.lua, xavante/config.lua, and the rest of the Kepler infrastructure. My goal is to phase away the current Kepler packages, and keep just the installer as an easy way to install a self-contained Lua+LuaRocks installation.

I hope the changes are going to streamline the process of installing and using WSAPI and specially Orbit, and result in less confusion for new users by leaving CGILua as an entirely separate thing. As part of these changes I have decided to start this blog to organize my thoughts about the future of Kepler in particular and web development using Lua in general.

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